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Below are my top five lessons learned from our 1-1 Premier League win against Brentford on the 17th of October, 2021 at the Brentford Community Stadium.

1. Chilwell continues to be hot with his super strike

A few years ago, there was much discussion within the Chelsea community on when the England international and rising left back/ Left wingback Ben Chilwell make his way back into the Chelsea squad.

The majority of the fans accepted the fact that Marcos Alonso has been playing fairly well in the first half of the campaign. However, due to his last performances in which the player was showing the signs of tiredness, it was an chance for Ben to try to recapture the form he showed the previous season.

Since returning to the squad, he’s increased his performance each time, including scoring a crucial goal prior to the international break in Southampton and then being called back to the squad to England and scoring another top-of-the-line goal in the first half , with a an explosive strike that could end up being the winning goal.

The psychological burden that was believed to be weighing Ben down has been removed and, with it, Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea fans are witnessing the rising star they have been used to seeing. If he is able to sustain his momentum, he may become an important player for the Blues in their title fight.

2. Mendy the mountain man in his enthralling form

In the last week, Liverpool forward Sadio Mane publicly expressed his regret and dismay in the fact that Edouard (Ed) Mendy did not appear on the Ballon D’or contenders list. While I’m certainly not an admirer of the Reds however, I agree completely with the top striker on this issue.

It’s a bit puzzling that someone who consistently puts out excellent performances and is an influential player for his team is largely ignored for the prestigious individual prize.

His heroic performance against an aggressive Brentford team, especially during the last 20 minutes it was an inspiration. Not only did the big Ed known as ‘Spider Mendy and ‘Spider Mendy’ fling himself around acrobat to make some stunning and jaw-dropping stops, but the man always put his body in danger in complete disregard for self-preservation to benefit the cause.

It’s not a secret that it was him who made the difference. make sure the Blues got extremely important three points against a team that has proven they can compete with the bigger players this season.

Ed may not have made it to the Final cut of the Ballon D’or (somehow) however, people who watch top-flight football know that he’s on the list of the top goalkeepers in the present. We Blues fans are thankful for the work Mendy accomplishes and brings his team with him every game.

3. The rise of Ruben’s character cannot be ignored.

The reemergence of Ruben Loftus-Cheek has begun to become a truly satisfying story for Blues supporters. Ruben is a player Chelsea has been awestruck by since when he was just a kid and have always wanted to see him reach his full potential due to how high his ceiling.

Due to a mix of very unfortunate injuries and the frequent changes in the club over the last few seasons, the chances for Ruben to be a star have been very limited.

Many believed that Loftus-Cheek might continue his pattern of loaning out due to the abundance of midfielders available to the Blues at their disposal. But, a move away to Stamford Bridge did not occur and as a result, the physically gifted player is slowly gaining the respect to Tuchel in his work. His performances in the games he has been selected for have been amazing to say the least.

In the match against Brentford specifically in the opening half, Ruben, who is 25 years old Englishman was awe-inspiring. In most cases, when receiving the ball Ruben could either make use of his strength to block the opposition, or quietly pass the ball to a teammate, or, when an chance presented itself to dribble past his opponent and then go on a stunning running.

How he slips over opponents and moves about the pitch is what makes Ruben an incredibly exceptional and important player. He’s gone from a peripheral player to being one of the best players with a great chance in the next set of games to secure his position on a more regularly.

P.s. it’s worth noting that his midfielders Kante and Kovacic were extremely strong in the first half hour and thus this could be a midfield trio that we might see more often throughout the course of the season.

4. Sarr a star in Premier League debut

If Thomas Tuchel confirmed that both Thiago Silva and Antonio Rudiger would be out in this game and it’s possible to conclude that there had been a little of an angst in members of the Blues community. Due to the previous experience, form and aggression that were displayed by Silva and Rudiger that were to be left out it was bound be a tough competition for those chosen against a physically challenging Brentford.

In the end, three players Christensen, Azpilicueta and Sarr were steadfast in the face of a flurry by the Bees and did their best to ensure that the Blues could secure another London derby victory (their seventh consecutive win away from London derby win, setting a new English record as per OptaJoe).

Particularly Malang Sarr, the Premier League debutant Malang Sarr was a standout. In the match, Malang made a game-high 10 interceptions and 6 clearances in addition to being second in both the tackle count (3) and the possession was the most successful (10) department.

Even though Rudiger as well as Silva have been able to secure their place in the starting line-up it is good to be aware that Tuchel has real strength and power to draw upon in a crucial position. We may be seeing more of Malang over the next few weeks to see if he can test himself in the context of the more favorable schedule of games during this time.

5. Brentford will be a sting for some opponents this season.

It is important to note that Brentford were extremely spirited courageous and had plenty of determination to get back into the game, while other teams could have switched towards damage-control. If they had played on a different day and against a goalkeeper who was human the storylines could have had a different story.

Although the Blues had a lead they deserved in the opening half like they did in some of the games of last season as well as the year before however, they were unable to capitalize on the Blues absence of discipline front of the goal gave their opponents confidence that they can make a comeback into the game. Although they were largely in control during the opening hour, Chelsea did not capitalise on their dominance, and almost ended up paying the ultimate price.

As mentioned above in the previous paragraph, the last 20 minutes of the game at Brentford Community Stadium saw wave after wave of attacks from the home team. Inspiring by the enthusiastic and vocal Bees supporters, it was easy to get the feeling that an equalising goal was likely to be scored at the end of the game. Luckily that for those Blues that they were sustained by the incredibly strong actions of Mendy and some fantastic final-minute defending that gave the Blues a hard-fought win 1-0.

They Bees have already upset some well-known opponents like Arsenal as well as West Ham, and also have managed to keep Premier League title hopefuls Liverpool 3-3 and the new Villains 1-1, to prove their status as a club that can be revered and fear.

Like manyothers, I look forward to watching closely the progress of Brentford this campaign Under Thomas Frank who is doing incredible work with Brentford.

Final Comments

To be an Premier League champion, it’s not just about playing stunning football, but rather ensuring the correct outcome. That is to say the final result is always more important than performance. A good performance willmean winning, however, it’s the capability to win even when you’re not at your best that’s the most reliable indicator for potential champion.

In this game, Chelsea showed some real skill with the ball at phases in the initial 60-70 minutes, but they were forced to rely on their defensive abilities to get them to the line.

Thomas Tuchel was open in his post-match evaluation and acknowledged that his team was not always perfect and relied on a bit of luck, and that’s a good thing. I’m sure he’ll be working hard to improve the attacking qualities of his side since this game could have been put down prior to the Brentford attack began.

The most important thing to consider is to figure out how to get the most out of Romelu Lukaku and , more broadly the front three that is the most effective all-around, in addition to helping the superstar Belgian.

At the moment, securing an important win that is without Silva, Rudiger and Pulisic as well as a recently returning Reece James, will hopefully provide the Blues confidence for the upcoming series of games ahead of the next international break.

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