Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Liverpool barely beat West Ham in an unlikely match however it was enough to earn the points and move just three points away from at the summit of the league.

Following all the concerns during the week about our options for central players had been reduced to four or soplayers, it was a pleasant surprise to have both Naby Keita on the squad and Curtis Jones on the bench.

Jurgen Klopp was strong in all other areas, Ibrahima Konate taking over for the injured Joel Matip, in a apparent acknowledgement of the constant performances needed to be achieved in the Premier League continue to take the lead – even in this week’s Champions League in midweek.

It’s perhaps notable because of the Inter game which is from to the League Cup final, FA Cup and this one. Jordan Henderson is the only player who has started in all three.

The most important thing is that the Reds complete dominance in the first hour was rooted in this – a attack in midfield that was never giving up ground or possession and dominating all throughout their midfield three.

What happened next? The drop-off began in midfield which resulted in lesser pressure placed on the ball greater laxness in passing and significantly slower speed.

Physically on it

Did you remember the time that West Ham went extremely physical with the Reds and slammed us on set-plays, and fouling us everywhere to cause disruption to the game?

The opposite of this is. The defence sets the pace and the expectations, slipping into aerial battles and employing every inch of force to ensure that the Hammers at distance.

Konate demonstrated his speed, and his ability to make 12km of a trek around him, if you wish to race on the outside be able to defeat Michail Antonio in several one on one matches.

Robbo along with Trent were both fast in the tackle as well as in the pursuit of runners, while the left-back was also able to clear both of their initial two corners to ensure they didn’t repeat London Stadium’s infamous London Stadium farce.

And Virgil? After a disappointing performance at the back in the match He was in the lead in this match.

Many times, their attackers quit when they realized that they were in a one-on-one battle with him.

“You’re not fit to referee!”

Jonathan Moss is sh*t.

Bench reluctance?

One thing we’ve seen a lot of recently in the office of the head coach is that he’s always going early to his bench of subs however this time it was not the case.

The game was in a decent amount from the start to the 70th minute. The chance to win a few times was ours however, more often it was a matter of easy possession, and the riskiest instances – not really attempts – fell to West Ham.

It may have required an injection of speed and urgency in order to secure the decisive second goal early on Maybe an Jota or Origi strike and it was 77 minutes until the Portuguese forward was our first substitution – for Mo Salah..

To be fair it was horrible when he came on.

Milner was on the scene when the clock was ticking 90 minutes. Curtis Jones played for a mere 20 minutes.

Most in-form forward?

Luis Diaz hasn’t been on the scene for long and naturally lends itself to becoming an occasional flavor of the month. But Diaz is also fast becoming the most-loved by fans due to his being amazing.

The Colombian was Liverpool’s most dangerous and abrasive attacker throughout the match, missing only some shots on the ball, but creating plenty of chances with his dribbling speed.

His 50-yard sprint in the opening half was awe-inspiring that left three runners in his wake before he was taken off at an edge in the middle of the pitch and He was a superb partner to each player, including Mane as well as Salah.

If you keep it up, you’ll see a place will surely be snatched in Klopp’s preferred XI even after the entire squad have returned to action.

Second leg and mind the gap

So it’s Wednesday night, with Inter Milan we look forward to two goals in the right direction however, there’s a massive task to complete.

Let’s get it straight, the Reds are likely to take the win. However, Inter are in good the form they were in, winning 5-1 on Friday, which gave them an extra day’s rest as well as preparation. And anything could happen under the lights as we’ve all experienced.

However, this is Anfield Our style is mighty.

If you look at it in Premier League terms the gap between the top and bottom has been reduced to three points, with the same matches played for at least 24 hours.

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