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The following are my top five lessons learned from our resounding 7-0 Premier League against Norwich on 21 October 2021 at Stamford Bridge.

1. Mason Mount getting back to his best

A lot has been talked about by the Chelsea supporters and football fans about the slow beginning of the campaign for Mason Mount. As his defensive performances continue to be outstanding as they always do however, there has been some questions about his attacking capabilities from a goal-to-goal standpoint (at at least prior to the game).

In this game, however, Mase was in scintillating form. He not only led by example by pushing in front of the goal, but also his opening goal set the stage for what would later be a complete goal-scorer for the hosts.

Not just the fact that he scored three goals while helping one assist an incredible number, but also the character of the goals and the help provided was a testament to the skill of the ever-growing star.

From a long-range goal for first goal, staying at ease when he scored his second penalty after Krul’s feet slipping off of the breach in his goal, displaying excellent awareness of his position for his hat-trick and then assisting with a perfectly weighted ball to Reece James, this was the Mason Mount show.

Blues supporters will be hoping this match will serve as the trigger to unleash the best of the current Chelsea footballer of the year.

2. The Chosen one gives

The intriguing story that is Callum Hudson-Odoi (CHO) is one of the remaining subplots for Chelsea fans who must ponder every transfer window. Will Hudson-Odoi remain? Do you think he will leave? He could be loaned out? Is he going to be transferred? A few days ago, it was said the German bigwigs Bayern Munich offered to PS70m to acquire the gifted young Englishman but the club rebuffed the attractive deal.

However, with occasional occasions to show his talents of course, often in the ambiguous role of right wingback the prospect for CHO becoming a regular fixture of players in the Champions of Europe does not appear to be very promising. At least, this is what the story was at the time.

After a spirited performance against Malmo in which he was substituted to replace injury-stricken Werner, CHO was in the best form in his encounter with the not-so-scary Canaries. Callum was determined with the ball and tried to get things done whenever he had the chance . It was whether it was attacking his opponent, collaborating with a teammate or advancing through the back (like the one he made when he scored his cleverly scored score), CHO delivered a stunning performance that showed Tuchel that he’s the right man to be on the left side for the foreseeable future, at least until Werner is replaced.

Tuchel has spoken about CHO being required to show consistent behavior to show the merits of being an everyday. Based on every occasion CHO was selected in his most natural (most efficient) position and he has done it! It is only a matter of time!

3. ‘Jovacic’ pivotal

When the team’s lineup was announced, there were some eyebrows raised particularly in midfielder position. While the tried and true Kovacic and Jorginho also known as “Jovacic” have previously performed well and have proven their worth at numerous times however, the reality is that the Blues have been blessed to have a wide array of talent at the position. Even though Kante was dismissed because of a muscle tension, the biggest issue was the recently revived Ruben Loftus-Cheek wasn’t chosen to play.

The controversial decision resulted in Tuchel having to defend his position in the pre-match remarks and Tuchel even admitted that “RLC” should be feeling a little disappointed given the way he’s performed.

However, as is the case with many of his teammates since his arrival, Tuchel was spot on with his selection. Mateo Kovacic was once again amazing and continues to show that he has improved his game in all aspects and is focused on increasing his effectiveness on the offensive side of the game. According to Squawka,the Croatian player scored many touches (97) as well as the highest number of passes during the last third (36) and the most chances generated (6) and the many tackles (5) and the many assist (2) and the same number of duels that were won (6). In all the Croatian was among the top players on the pitch.

Perhaps in a less sombre character, but his accomplice and Ballon D’or contender Jorginho was also extremely powerful and at his metronomic most efficient. In reality, if the game ended in the last 45 minutes, he’d be at the top of a lot of important stats like the many touches, the most passes in the final third the most possessions won, the many duels won, most tackles, the most fouls won, and the most interceptions. In addition, he had a pleasant past of finding Mount to score the first goal.

As Loftus-Cheek made his way into the second period and demonstrated yet again that his dream is to become the next Chelsea player, which included playing a golf Mount to score his 3rd goal near the endof the game, the Jovacic team did a fantastic job during the game, and it’s great that this is a team that has proven time and again that it can be successful.

4. Left, right, goodnight!

It was Rudiger, Chilwell and CHO creating havoc on the left and Chalobah, James and Mount who were running around in a frenzied manner on the right and the Blues were cutting into the Canaries wide open along both sides.

The Jovacic pair played a key role in bringing the action from front to back however, the best of the show were the wide men of Stamford Bridge. Particularly, both Chilwell (who’s perhaps the most efficient Chelsea player) Chelsea) and CHO as well as Mase and RJ were absolutely sensational and displayed an impressive relationships. For instance there were a number of times during the first half when Chilwell would slant his run to the central point, causing the Norwich players from their place and let CHO to take a one-on with his opponent and Mason was able to make that sweet of passing move for James to cut it past an eerie Krul to score 3-1.

Thematically speaking, considering the importance of wide players within Tuchel’s scheme having players on both flanks who possess a innate understanding and chemistry with the other can significantly increase chances of Blues prospects of earning silverware in the coming season.

The only question left is: which is more dangerous and well-balanced?

5. No Lukaku No Lukaku, no Werner No worries!

As Romelu Lukaku, and Timo Werner were both ruled out against Malmo because of injuries There were questions about what goals Chelsea were coming from , and which player would be leading the line. In connection with this, the player who is selected, will they be able take advantage of their chance. Based on the performance of Malmo and Norwich and Malmo, the answer is definitely yes!

However it is crucial to keep a perspective because that the Blues were facing two less-than-favorable teams could be predicted to easily defeat. It is important to stay calm and not make quick judgments that the Blues goalscoring issues lately have been solved because of the past two performances. In reality, the games are coming in swiftly and in rapid succession across a variety of competitions, and the level of the opposition will also be greater and, consequently, the Chelsea team that includes Lukaku and Werner is bound to assist in the turbulent waters when they come up.

At present, those relied upon to fill in the gaps are doing an excellent job! P.s. it’s important to note that the wide range in goal-scorers with the Blues has eased the stress that comes with not having the talents of Lukaku and Werner in the squad.

Final Comments

A 7-0 win at the Premier League is always something that is to be treasured forever regardless of the team or the position they are on in the league. Before the game, Norwich had secured back-to-back clean sheets against Burnley and Brighton and was beginning to show some resiliency. In the same way, Chelsea needed to find a temporary attack option after the two players they had deemed to be their strikers were hurt in the identical match just a few days prior.

In that context it was a game with the possibility of becoming the ‘banana skin’ of the Blues. However, to their credit, instead of being hampered by external factors (injuries) and putting up excuses, they were focused on the options available and took advantage in the chance to build on their confidence-building 4-0 win over Malmo.

In the end, it was Chelsea’s most comprehensive show of the campaign thus far and was extremely enjoyable for fans across the globe and on the Bridge.

With the Blues staying on the top in the Premier League and starting to discover their footing, these next few fixtures give them an ideal chance to increase this position and place them in a great position for the coming international break.

In the meantime, we’ll see Southampton to the Carabao Cup!

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