Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Chelsea’s shaky streak for form went on into the new Year that began in the most sourest way , after they were at the receiving end of a beating from Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

The final score was 3-1 favor of the side that was away however the scoreline was a slap to the Blues.

Gundogan, Foden and De Bruyne All scored in the first half of a goal celebration for Pep Guardiola’s team, who dominated the ball during the first half , scoring three goals in a flash.

Chelsea did better with the ball during the second period, but did not create any chances worth mentioning, besides an untimely final goal by Hudson-Odoi, who was substituted.

The Game

Chelsea received an indirect free-kick in the City box inside the first four minutes of the first period after goalkeeper Steffen who made the Premier League debut picked up a back-pass from an over-pressured Rodri. Ziyech’s goal was ruled out to create a corner but there was no result.

Werner was knocked down in the box by Rodri who appeared to be a penalty. like an offence, however the referee as well as VAR to believe the opposite.

After the penalty call, City established complete dominance and were relentless in their final touches.

Foden put the ball in to Gundogan who turned to strike the ball with a sweet strike into the corner of the goal, passing Mendy.

De Bruyne then crossed for Foden to score near the post, doubling the advantage of the hosts.

To attempt an comeback, Frank Lampard’s team pushed forward bodies in a bid to score a goal from a free-kick which was won by Ziyech. City did not clear the ball, and Kante who was the final player in the defensive line was the one to give the ball away in a hurry and Sterling was on target He wriggled, then turned and ran into the box. At the point it seemed like the chance was over, De Bruyne arrived and struck against his former side with a shot from six yards.

In the second period the home side played a lot more ball, with City content to relax and defend their three-goal lead.

The team, however, were unable to produce anything noteworthy, besides Hudson-Odoi’s final effort, and the match was summarised with the observation that Chelsea didn’t look to put newcomer Steffan under pressure.

The next game to Chelsea is the trip to Morecambe for the FA Cup third round on Sunday.

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