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Takumi Minamino and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were on opposite sides of the spectrum during Liverpool’s 2-1 victory against Norwich in the 2-1 win at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp’s team came out winning 2-1 against Canaries Canaries in the evening of Wednesday, making it into the quarterfinals of the FA Cup for the first time under the direction of the German.

Minamino scored both Liverpool’s goals during an easy win and the Japanese forward once again showing that he can be a major force in domestic cup.

The Reds are in a fantastic place right now and winnings are coming in thick and fast, with immortality possibility in the May.

Here this Is Liverpool’s Henry Jackson (@HenryJackson87) is joined by Liam Togher (@liamtogher88) and Dan Clubbe (@dan_clubbe) to discuss Liverpool’s win as well as their hopes of a quadruple.

DAN It was the performance by a player who was determined not to miss an opportunity by.

Takumi Minamino was everywhere on the pitch – with determination, quality and determination. He scored each goal with the greatest quality of grace and elegance.

It’s an indication of his remarkable attitude that, even though he didn’t make it to Final on Sunday, having been a major factor in this achievement in the process, the Japanese player was in a position to provide a prompt signal of his excellence and importance to the team.

We’ve already seen the fruits of his previous efforts brought to bear during the Carabao Cup, we could be looking back at this pair in a similar manner in May.

LIAM Given that the player typically is forced to count on fragmented minutes from his bench, it could be extremely easy for Minamino to be far from sharp whenever the opportunity comes up to play.

However, his goal this evening saw him score nine goals in the league and one higher than Roberto Firmino; the return of his team in 2021/22 has one goal per 99 minutes of playing and a better rate than the one per 100 minutes of Mo Salah.

Although he is aware that the likelihood of being placed on the bench after Premier League or Champions League action comes around However, the Japanese player is anything but dull.

Although he slowed down a little after the half-time break however, he was an ongoing troublemaker at Norwich throughout the first 45 minutes, and it wasn’t just due to his two strikes.

He’s the kind that a manager would like to have and the team must be incredibly grateful for.

Henry: I’m delighted for Taki Since that stunning performance against us at Salzburg I’ve been awestruck.

It’s not quite working out for him since arriving at Liverpool however it’s difficult to remember that he was there in such a difficult situation.

Imagine having to adjust to the new position in a foreign country that has 30 new employees as well as Covid poised to cause destruction on the entire world.

Minamino was fantastic on Wednesday, especially in the first period, and, as Dan mentions, his involvement during the FA Cup could prove crucial in May.

Nine goals in just 22 games isn’t something to be sniffed at. He has scored on every shot he has hit during the national cup competitions this season!

Are they ever going to be a star player? I doubt it. However, I’d be satisfied to see him stay in the role for a long time to come.

DAN In what turned out to be an exciting night for a lot of refrigerator players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain didn’t get the message.

The talented midfielder has not been eager to make an impression however, it was a lackluster performance, which saw him at the edge of the pitch for the majority of.

In the previous season, I had been impressed by Oxlade-Chamberlain’s performance when playing in a series of matches and it seems the recent absences from games don’t seem to be his style, and in the end they could be his team role going forward.

After having retreated from the brink on a number of occasions throughout his sale on Merseyside I’m not ready to declare him dead for now.

Based on this performance and the high-quality team it’s difficult to envision an extended stay beyond the summer.

LIAM In the level of competition within Liverpool’s midfield the players who aren’t players need to be at their best whenever they get the chance to perform this.

Unfortunately for Ox the game last night was one that was largely snuffed out his mark, with the exception of one good effort that hit the post’s outside.

We’ve all heard about how fantastic the player can be after the success of his first season at Anfield However, this was the night that the most troubling features of his performance showed themselves, especially in the context of poor distribution.

Due to the sheer number of matches we are likely to play in the coming season, the player of 28 will be required for a handful of more times between this point and May.

Let’s see if he can make the most of his next chance to prove his the point of Klopp.

Henry: Ox is such an unusual player. He always is 21 years old as he has an immaturity present in his play.

He is a goal threat and is often a good player however, he’s becoming more prone to fool people and was disappointed on Wednesday.

As Dan said, he could appear to be trying to force things. This is among his biggest negatives.

We’re spoiled as Liverpool supporters right now as well. Ox has a name that could have played in some teams from the past, however it’s almost like Ox’s Reds career is nearing the natural end.

If he decides to stay this summer, that’s fine however, his leaving will not be a problem at all.

Does the quadruple seem realistic?

DAN Sure, it’s true. This side has proved its winning spirit and quality often enough not to think of achieving such feats.

Jurgen Klopp has assembled a team capable of doing anything, but it’s vital to treat each game, and in fact every competition as an individual part. The remaining three players must be hunted and every game in a single.

If we can get over Inter Milan as expected, it would be a good result in the Champions League and FA Cup quarter-finals will be appreciated and, with a bit of luck It’s not a secret that Liverpool have the chance to make history next season.

LIAM This is fantastic that it’s even a topic at this point, particularly when last year, we were preparing to fall to our sixth straight Anfield defeat against an unrelegation-bound Fulham team.

The fact that even the best of English football’s best teams have the ability to be able to squander in the League, European Cup and both domestic cups during the same season illustrates how difficult it can be however.

At the moment it seems that it seems that the FA Cup certainly appears to be our best bet for another trophy in the coming season.

The Champions League is possible, but it will depend on the team we’ll face over the course of the season, and in particular we’ll be playing Inter this week.

To win the Premier League will be difficult to achieve despite the fact that we’ve reduced the gap to Man City – taking our remaining 12 games in isolation there’s nothing I can take a look at and say “no way we’re going to win that’. However, I’m asking you now how many points we can score from a possible 36 points and I’d say that it’s extremely unlikely.

If we are able to include an appearance in the FA Cup and maintain a long-lasting challenge in the two other competitions, it could still be considered an excellent season.

The quadruple discussion is far too soon, even though.

Harry: Like Liam, I’m going to be that person and say that truthfully, I don’t think the quadruple could take place.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t think of it, or that it’s not possible however there’s a reason that nobody from the English squad has succeeded in it.

I think that the Premier League is the biggest problem – Man City are still at 1/5 with bookies, which says a lot however there is absolutely no question that Liverpool are doing well at the moment.

City will be terrified of us, and I’m not afraid of anyone at any cup competition In fact, everybody else will be afraid of us!

I’m sure that under common sense, a bad result will occur at some point, and be fatal to our quadruple dreams regardless of an unlucky league performance or a surprise FA Cup exit or an embarrassing Champions League loss to a top team.

In truth, if Liverpool take home all four trophy, it would be the most significant achievement in the history English football.

It could be that we all need to quit at that point , and then go to the top of the mountain!

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