Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Another disappointing Chelsea performance, but it was a memorable Christmas week for the Chelsea Blues. Aston Villa scored a hard-earned point, much to Chelsea’s dismay.

Olivier Giroud scored through Ben Chilwell’s cross in half one. Aston Villa was able to equalize, but neither side showed the initiative or pace required to win.

Christian Pulisic missed a few chances that could have won the game in a goalless match, but the Blues didn’t regret their errors with Giroud scoring a goal to give Chelsea the lead.

The game

Chelsea managed to score a few corners in the first half. Villa looked the most polished in the first minutes.

Villa Talisman Jack Grealish shot a great shot from the left to save Edouard Mendy who had already conceded a corner. The training ground’s corner sequence was then used by Grealish, which almost saw Chelsea go.

Christian Pulisic of Chelsea had a great chance to score, but Jack Grealish’s poor pass meant that he couldn’t make it. He could have done better and even scored. Pulisic was given another chance to score by Mason Mount. After Mount had been spotted with Ben Chilwell’s pass, John McGinn blocked it to stop Villa.

Jack Grealish had a chance to score after John McGinn was penalized by N’GoloKante. However, Chelsea’s Hause won a free kick that he scored just above the box.

Edouard Mendy couldn’t withstand Anwar El Ghazi’s strike. Matty Cash missed an excellent opportunity to win the hostage, but Mendy was not in the right place and sent him over.

The game was slowly being controlled by Chelsea. Cesar Azpilicueta scored Olivier Giroud. The ball was thrown at Christian Pulisic, who was within the six-meter area. However, while facing the goal, the ball went over to the crossbar, possibly from a few meters below!

Chelsea are not making enough risky passes, and lacks creativity, intention, and a lot more lateral passing as of right now. Mason Mount made a change by making a dangerous pass through the middle to Olivier Giroud. Christian Pulisic was left to find Mount overlapped. Giroud’s powerful header gave Chelsea a stunning goal. . Blues.

Mount was able to outplay a few Villa players with great agility. Mount was almost knocked to the floor by a Grealish attack but decided to keep his position and shoot high.

Mount was then able to play on Pulisic, having won the ball through excellent pressure. Cash had to only play one more tackle until Pulisic seemed to be ready to pull the trigger.

After an incident between Grealish and Christensen that resulted in Christensen getting injured on the pitch Christensen was unable to continue to play. Villa played and scored early in the second half thanks to an attack from Cash, who converted through El Ghazi who had lost his marker Kante. .

Villa chose to play deeper against the counterattack after the goal. Now, the focus was on Chelsea, who provided the offensive needed to win.

N’Golo Kante was playing right midfielder and had two fantastic shots from the outside. It was a shame that the player didn’t take advantage of these opportunities. One might wonder if Chelsea would have been able to do so if Havertz was an attacking midfielder.

Lampard also stated that Werner and Havertz were replaced by Jorginho, and Giroud, after Kante’s move from center.

Azpilicueta scored the goal, but it was disallowed due to Pulisic’s inability to position himself correctly from an angle grind.

Timo Werner shot high, from a great spot inside the box, and Chilwell shot off from a narrow-angle.

Perhaps the best way to sum up Chelsea’s game was Rudiger and Christensen making many passes in the last minutes of the game, as Chelsea searched for the winner.

Aston Villa won two set pieces in extra time to dispel any doubts Chelsea might have about winning the match.

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