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Trent Alexander-Arnold was the standout player in Liverpool’s 1-0 victory at home against West Ham, as the Reds maintained their stress against Man City.

Jurgen Klopp’s team knew that a win over the Hammers will bring them to just three points behind City before the game on Sunday. Manchester derby.

It wasn’t an ideal match at Anfield but Liverpool were able to finish the job following Sadio Mane made the most of Alexander-Arnold’s cross shot to earn the three points.

As Man City eked an 1-0 victory on the opposite part of Stanley Park in the same time-slot this week and the Reds made a big effort to get a shaky win with that same scoreline, allowing them to get within striking distance of Pep and the rest of the team.

It was not a pleasant viewing, but I’ll take this over a hapless draw or loss any day particularly when we’re so close to reaching the very top spot in the Premier League.

We’ll go over the Trent Alexander-Arnold in greater detail in the near future Let’s also mention Luis Diaz, who appears to create magic whenever he gets his hands on the ball. Also, let’s not forget about Naby Keita who’s retracing back to take on Michail Antonio could be the reason why he was able to keep his win.

Ibrahima Konate also performed admirably against his fellow West Ham forward.

Harry: There will be much better performances this year however, this was a further example where”the “Mentality Monsters” shining through.

As of the time, I’ve zero doubt Liverpool would have won that game.

I was thinking Trent was the standout of the bunch I’ll write more about him later! However, Konate is also worth getting a mention.

In the face of the extremely dangerous Antonio the kid was a master at controlling Antonio, even though he did have moments.

Diaz was once again outstanding and also. He truly is the perfect signing – an amalgamation of the best Mane as well as Luis Suarez.

In the wake of Mane and Salah appearing to be showing signs some tiredness, Diaz is going to become a major player over the next few months.

Overall it was a tough productive day at work which is often the most rewarding.

Matt: There was definitely the sense that there could be a bitter end to the story, and Henry’s right in that just four, five years ago we’d have drawn this conclusion late on. That’s why it’s great that that did not happen!

Konate, Diaz and Trent were the top three performers I’ve ever seen. Diaz also has that unpredictable quality which makes it difficult for defense personnel to predict what’s coming up.

Konate was able to stand against the physical force and was able to be aggressive, tight defense against Antonio. The whole defense was a bit of that considering what transpired during the away match. Robbo, Trent and Van Dijk were all front-footed and determined.

LIAMI made a comment during the match that I thought we took the wrong decisions of the time when it came to the third quarter, and this was something that Match of the Day pundits also mentioned.

There have been numerous instances where an unintentional layoff or pass could have opened up an opening but for the player who was in possession to stumble into an unfinished area and lose the motivation to the attack.

Salah was responsible for that at times, and His overall performances were from the standard we’ve often come to expect.

He’s earned more than occasional off-days from time to time, even though He knows he’s able of more.

I’d also like to know what the reason was for Jurgen Klopp was so slow in making adjustments when we were losing control of midfield in the second half , and also the moment that Salah seemed a little worn out.

If West Ham were more careful in their approach they could have hurt us in the face.

Harry: As mentioned, the show wasn’t particularly cohesive however we’ll forgive them this time!

Salah was not his best. He’s been in a few games since AFCON I’m hoping that all those extra games don’t take their toll on him.

The management of the game was not always the best at the end of the game, as well, if I’m selective as well. Fabinho was not his all-powerful self.

Matt: Klopp had it perfect during the media conference in which he said that we took the first shot often enough – and Salah was most definitely responsible for that.

The atmosphere was unsatisfactory, with the exception of five minutes of the second period. We hoped for more after having won a trophy just one week ago on the night of a Saturday. We hope Tuesday will bring the sound.

LIAM He himself made a comment afterwards on the pair along with Andy Robertson “changing the game” from the full-back position and He once more highlighted how important he is to Liverpool’s attack by delivering the crucial pass to Mane’s crucial goal.

To consider that he’s just nine assists close to his Premier League record of 53 for defenders in his 23rd year is awe-inspiring and it would require some unimaginably dramatic change for him to not leave this record in the dirt.

As important, however the goalline clearance during the first half, reminiscent like James Milner against Bournemouth two years ago on this weekend.

A few Chelsea supporters might be trying to draw comparisons to Reece James after his goal earlier in the game however, I wouldn’t trade our right-back for anyone else in world football.

Henry: You start to think of Trent as a given – and I do, at least! However, what he’s doing is utterly absurd.

This is a man who is without doubt the best in the world at his position. He’s the most effective attacking full-back player in the world since Dani Alves, in my opinion.

He was a star in the game against West Ham, aiding in the goal and delivering an incredible amount of quality. his season is growing from increasing in strength.

If Trent is able to avoid serious injuries, the sky is truly the limit for Trent at Liverpool with regards to being among the greatest players at Anfield.

Matthew: Again, Klopp did a great job post-match after being asked whether he’s shocked that people continue to criticise Trent’s defence.

This is similar to those who critique the high-line defence and the ones before that criticized zonal marking. All of them are litmus tests for how much you really watch or comprehend football.

Trent was fantastic in this, and the goalline clearance was just as great as an goal.

He’s set to break records for the Preier League assists record to a level that no one could ever come close. He’s already and definitely is going to be remembered for being a groundbreaking player in the time of English football.

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